5 reasons you need to exercise when stressed

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Studies have consistently demonstrated that employees who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from stress-related disorders or take sick-leave.

Why is exercise such an effective antidote to stress? Number one-it strengthens your cardiovascular system. During chronic stress your body is constantly turning on and off the stress-response, which puts extra demands on your cardiovascular system.

Number two is it releases endorphins, those hormones which naturally make you feel better. This so-called 'runner's high' not only lifts your mood but also acts as natural pain relief.

Number three-exercise is often a form of relaxation, thereby also reducing stress. In most types of exercise you are intensely focusing on certain movements, your technique, and often also your breathing-all of which help you enter an almost meditative state.

Number four-exercise often means you get more social support, especially if you participate in team sports or exercise with others, whether at your local gym or sports class. And more social support means more opportunities to get things off your chest and debrief after a stressful day.

Number five-regular exercise helps you sleep. Sleep is essential for well-being and health, being implicated in things like memory, mood, and even your immune function. Being sleep deprived also negatively impacts on your performance, decreasing your ability to concentrate, your ability to multitask and even your ability to be creative.

So the next time you go for a run remember that not only are you improving your fitness but also your ability to handle stress.

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Comments: 6

So true! Great blog & important issue you're discussing.
Linda Berner-Strandman, 21. Nov. 12

I agree 100% with this advice. I can remember taking time out for runs when studying for university exams and that put me in better shape than those who continued 'cramming' right up to the last minute.
Peter Williams, NZ, 21. Nov. 12

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